Brittany Robinson, the artist behind Art By Britt Nicole, is a creative with special interests in drawing, acrylic painting, and digital art.

She discovered her artistic abilities in her early teenage years and art became a place of escape from that point on. In 2022, she officially decided to share her creations with the world and truly embrace the title of “artist” full time.

The importance of representation and the symbolism of flowers are her focus in her most recent works. In her art, flowers are a symbol of growth and allowing yourself the space to blossom into the beautiful person you were created to be. A journey she has a very personal connection with. Her work also allows those who may not see much representation, see art that features the beauty in their uniqueness.

She wishes to inspire others to embrace what makes them different and to follow what they’re passionate about. She wants others to know that deciding to follow your dreams is worth it.